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Tribute in Light, New York City

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In the lands of the north-western Vietnam

In the lands of the north-western Vietnam, between the narrow mountainous areas between China and Laos, we find the tribes of the various ethnic groups, ranging from the colorful Hmong (or Miao), the Tay, the second largest population, with Lu The first source of livelihood for these ancient people is agriculture: tradition has it that everything is done according to the lunar cycles. The markets are full of goods, from animals to textiles, handicrafts entirely handmade. Unfortunately, the old values of these centenarian tribes are giving way to new western tradition. (Photo and caption by Antonio Gibotta/National Geographic Photo Contest) # (People)

The childhood

The childhood. (Photo and caption by Antonio Gibotta/National Geographic Photo Contest) # (People)

The Fennec

The Fennec is a surprisingly easy to domesticate animals, which easily gets used to living with humans. However, it is considered a rare and therefore have them as a pet is illegal in many areas of its range. The Fennec is the soul of the desert, a wild and free soul whose main threat is the illegal trafficking by unscrupulous thugs who do not hesitate in the least to snatch the life from the majestic dunes to change by the cold bars of a cage prison. (Photo and caption by Francisco Mingorance/National Geographic Photo Contest) # (Nature)

Mount Bromo

Taken around Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia in the morning. (Photo and caption by Pimpin Nagawan/National Geographic Photo Contest) # (Places)

Hinduism religion

Hinduism religion in India it's one of the most popular religion with million of devotees. Every good Hindu, when a relative died, goes to Varanasi, the holiest city in India, to burn the dead body and put it bones into the Ganga river. The whole cremation it's guided by the entire family of the dead body, who have to look completely shaved. In fact in my portrait I show only one member of the family ( daughter), whose having her shave off. I remember the eyes of this child who who were conveying sorrow and sadness cause by the recent lost and the brutality of the impatient hairdresser. (Photo and caption by Alessandro Iovino/National Geographic Photo Contest) # (People)

Skiing at -36'C

Skiing at -36'C in Central Finland (Photo and caption by Earendel Fingerson/National Geographic Photo Contest) # (People)